A Closer Look: The Exclusive Interview with Britta Becker at D!FFERENT

In an enlightening conversation at D!FFERENT, we sat down with Britta Becker, the visionary behind the groundbreaking TWELVE collection, to uncover the layers of inspiration, resilience, and creativity that fuel her designs. This interview not only sheds light on the collection itself but also offers an intimate glimpse into Britta's journey from the hockey field to the forefront of fashion design. Below, we've included additional insights from our conversation that highlight Britta's unique approach to fashion and her vision for the future.

From Passion to Profession: Britta's Fashion Evolution

Britta opened up about her lifelong passion for fashion and design, a journey that began in her childhood. She recounted her early days of experimenting with photography, her adventures in a dark room, and her creative endeavors in painting and drawing. These experiences, Britta shared, were not just hobbies but the early signs of a burgeoning designer at heart. Her transition into fashion was a natural progression of her creativity, further shaped by her experiences and collaborations with renowned photographers like Peter Lindbergh and Ellen von Unwerth.

The Significance of Number Twelve

The number twelve is not just a name but a symbol of strength, security, and identity for Britta. She delved into the emotional resonance of her jersey number, explaining how it has been a source of confidence and comfort throughout her life, especially during the rapid changes and challenges she faced. This emotional connection to the number twelve has deeply influenced the ethos of her collection, embodying a sense of security and confidence that she aims to pass on to the wearers of her designs.

A Vision for Sustainability and Comfort

A significant part of our discussion centered around Britta's commitment to sustainability and the importance of comfort in fashion. She emphasized natural materials and the versatility of the TWELVE collection, which allows for seamless transitions between casual and chic, embodying the modern consumer's desire for sustainable, stylish, and adaptable wardrobe options.

Looking Forward: The Expansion and Evolution of TWELVE

Britta's aspirations for TWELVE are as boundless as her creativity. She spoke excitedly about upcoming collaborations and the brand's growing international recognition. Her goal is to continue breaking barriers in fashion, bringing TWELVE's unique blend of style, comfort, and sustainability to a wider audience, and making a mark not just in Germany but across the globe.

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